Partnership Opportunities

Making partnership a piece of cake...

We are a partnership, very much in the traditional sense of the term. Medivet's owners are all veterinary surgeons, working together in joint ventures and sharing risk and profit. Senior Partners own a stake in every branch in the entire group while Branch Partners own a share in their own branches – usually 50%. Risk and reward are shared and decisions are made jointly.

In our branch partnership structure, Medivet invests together with the branch partner, sharing all the risks of ownership. In contrast to a traditional franchise model, our income is based on profit, not a percentage of turnover. This means Medivet only makes a profit if our branch partner does. We're very much on the same side!

All partners benefit from our integrated structure, allowing for a better work-life balance and a friendly environment, as well as delivering greater standards of patient care, customer service and professional satisfaction. This yields higher productivity and profitability which is reinvested into professional development, modern equipment and an ever-advancing support infrastructure. As a result, independent owners find it appealing to integrate their practices with the Medivet partnership.

Our model allows vets to hone their clinical skills, supported by staff with real expertise in administration, management, law and other non-clinical areas to look after those parts.

In a distinct departure from most practices, if a Medivet Partner has valuable skills in a particular area such as Marketing, Finance, Negotiations or Personnel Management, the group is large enough to accommodate them. It needs specialists in a variety of fields, and there is often a route out of clinical work for those who desire it.

Daniel Preter, Senior Partner and Head of Vet Recruitment, is always interested to hear from vets looking to join us. If you're looking for a regular role, starting out in practice or returning to practice part time then please email

Daniel is currently seeking lead veterinary surgeons for clinics in the areas listed opposite, with partnerships possible in all those roles.

For an informal and completely confidential discussion, please email to contact Daniel.